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Welcome you have entered the Legends of Korukai Web page. This is going to be an on going manga. Which will be posted somewhat on line. Plot lines and some actual artwork. We (my brother and I) will take any suggestions you may offer in consideration.


  09-28-99 Today is the OFFICAL opening of the Legends of Korukai page. Here I will post news on what's going on in the making of the Korukai manga. Also any comments you give will be posted here. Everytime I update the page this area will have an update as well (duh!).

11-11-99 Hey Hey! NEW ART!!!! I also plan to have new plots up by tomorrow so check back between now and Sunday morning at the latest!

  11-14-99 Ok as promised well sorta...I have a new plot up. Yes I know I said more PLOTS but one is all you get for tonight but check back during the course of the week and there should be more as I get time to post them and finish writing them up! Don't forget to email those suggestions!

  11-21-99 Ok...I know I promised more plots this week but I have draggin ass with work, duty, preparing for an advancment exam after the new year. I apologize. For other business I have made a request to join a Web Ring to pick up more traffic for the site.

  11-23-99 HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Some time between Sunday and this evening the Legends of Korukai has had 100 hits. I would like to thank all the visitors we've had and encourage you to come back and drop us a line! Again thanks alot!!

  12-22-99 WHOOOOORAAAAAA!!!!! Over 300 hits as of today! I know I promised new plots but like I said I've been busy but I promise to add new plots to Tales of the Warrior and Tales of the Mage before Monday so check us out!

  01-26-00 We've hit 700 hits today. I also have completed a new plot for Tales of the Warrior and it will be up loaded either tonight or Friday. Also Steven has completed the first page of the first volume/episode.

  01-26-00 Ok...a new plot under Tales of the Warrior check it our and let me know what you think!

  03-02-00 Hey we hit 1200 people and joined a new webring also we have 3 new polts wriiten but not posted expect to see them before the weekend of the 10th!

  03-24-00 Howdy folks we have a new polt under Tales of the Mage and look for the entirety of When Warrior and Mage Meet soon. The plots ARE written just not entered into the computer. Other news we have been accepted by the Anime Webring and should become part of the Anime Turnpike soon. Also as you can see we are appraching our 1600th visitor. To mark the event or close proximity I plan to revamp the web page and add a section for all those working on this project. Thanks for reading and please keep on comming back!


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